Our Approach


Our office is a calm and comfortable place to talk.

Clients can expect to be treated with the utmost of care and respect in the comfortable surroundings of our Broadway offices. We assess and treat each presenting problem through individual (adult, teen or child), couple, and/or family therapy. We use evidence-based psychology and counselling techniques that have been demonstrated to be clinically effective in clinical research.

Clients will meet with one of our clinicians to discuss the nature of their concerns. Once the specifics of the presenting problems have been considered, each client is offered recommendations of how best they might address these problems. Working collaboratively,  strategies are devised with the client  to provide opportunity for   experimentation  and practice between sessions. In this practical way, new skills and insights are developed and applied to real life situations.

A specialized service called conjoint therapy ,which involves two therapists for couples and families, is available upon request.